When planning an event, it’s easy to get caught up in the big decisions: the venue, the cuisine, the DJ or band. Sometimes the smaller details that make an event truly unique get lost in the shuffle. And they often make a greater impact than you realize: 



Lighting can set the tone for an entire evening — transforming a space, enhancing the décor and bringing certain areas into focus. It also makes for stunning photos and videos. And yet it’s one of the most overlooked elements when planning a special event.

There’s no shortage of lighting techniques to create ambiance:  

  • LED up-lighting to highlight a venue’s internal architecture 

  • Paper lanterns to provide customizable décor and soft illumination

  • Theatrical lighting to produce a desired shape or pattern 

  • Disco balls and chandeliers to add elements of fun or elegance

  • Spotlights to make sure the speaker or bridal party is featured


When clients try to reduce their budget, one of the first things to go is the event staff. While it’s not the most exciting element — like flowers and invitations — a quality staff can make or break your event. 

Staff is more than just the people serving food. For example, you have greeters to welcome guests as they enter the ballroom, attendants working the coat check, cocktail servers to take drink orders and hosts to ensure your guests’ comfort and enjoyment from beginning to end.


Seating & table space

We’ve all been to cocktail parties where we pick up our drink and small plate, then we’re left with our hands full and no way to enjoy the hors d'oeuvres because there’s no seating or table space.

Though cocktail parties and cocktail hours are meant for strolling and socializing, seating, table space and/or high-top tables can’t be forgotten. The best way to prevent this unfortunate dilemma is to create a detailed floor plan. Many apps and websites can help you map out your event space. One of our favorites at ASE is www.allseated.com (And as you consider the table space, don’t forget about tablecloths and skirting!)  

Flatware and glassware

If your event includes a sit-down dinner, plastic plates and utensils don’t make the grade. Purchasing china, glassware and flatware is expensive, but renting flatware is an ideal option for one-time needs. 

Forgetting a simple item like flatware means food can’t be served, guests can’t eat and your event may quickly go downhill. Serving soda out of cans, for example, or beer out of bottles, may not support the vibe you’re trying to create. Not to mention, glassware is typically the centerpiece of the toast!



Whether it’s a wedding, a family milestone celebration or a corporate event, chances are it’s an event you’ll want to remember. It’s often difficult to capture the essence, the emotions and all the elements simply through photography. That’s why videography has become such an important element of event planning. 

Finding the right photographer is critical, videography is equally as important for documenting the things a photographer may have missed — a keynote speaker whose message you want to remember or a groom’s reaction when he sees his bride for the first time. If you’re looking to trim costs, a videography package may be worth holding onto. 

It’s your event and you want to make it unique. But in planning your budget, make sure to leave some room for the things that matter — no matter how underrated they may be.  

"A great event always starts with a creative concept," says Allison Sargent, founder and CEO of Allison Sargent Events. "No matter what you’re dreaming of, it's our job to bring that concept to life.”

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or grand-scale corporate event, Allison Sargent Events creates a custom experience that’s rich in detail and full of personality. From sourcing the perfect venue to designing the lighting and décor, ASE works with the top vendors in the industry to plan, produce and execute memorable and personalized events throughout the metropolitan area and across the world.

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