Corporate beach party: Check your shoes at the door

When the WIRB Copernicus Group (WCG) wanted to host a memorable client party in sunny San Diego, what better place than the beach? By taking advantage of this prime location and the natural elements, ASE helped WCG throw the ultimate beach party.

With clients in town for the acclaimed DIA conference, WCG’s event was a coveted invitation to conference guests — which presented a significant logistical challenge. ASE had to ensure that the event site could accommodate a range of attendees from 700 to 1,000+. When scouting the perfect venue, they needed enough private beachfront space to bring the party to fruition, as well as the transportation to get them there, no matter how many guests there were. 

The Hotel Del Coronado — a historic destination on the edge of the Pacific just minutes from the convention site — captured the quintessential “SoCal” vibe. It’s also where author L. Frank Baum lived from 1904-1910 while he wrote three books from the Wizard of Oz series. As guests boarded private shuttle buses, they were greeted with this fun fact and others about the Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego and WCG's brand as the kickoff to a night to remember.

As they arrived at the hotel, guests were led down a private path to a beautiful oceanfront pavilion along a custom-made WCG carpet and asked to check their shoes before stepping out onto the sand. Each guest was then gifted with a pair of custom WCG flip flops that left an impression of the company’s logo on the sand with every step.

With the glorious Pacific as the backdrop, the WCG brand and corporate colors were reflected in every detail of the event décor. A custom stage was built and white tables were strategically placed throughout the sand. Each table was adorned with a custom centerpiece that included a glowing white candle inside clear glass holder, decorated with sand and beautifully placed seashells and starfish. White couches were set up for casual relaxation and made cozy with custom pillows with WCG’s logo.

When planning a high-energy beach party, what better way to decorate than with a sandcastle? A professional sand artist hand-sculpted a towering replica of the Hotel Del Coronado featuring the WCG logo. An ice sculptor was also brought in to design custom WCG creations and ice luges for refreshing cocktails, including the evening’s signature “WCG Blue Rita”.

The perfect soundtrack to the evening was a live band featuring original members of the Beach Boys. As the sun went down, white string lighting created a magical beach atmosphere, illuminating company logo moon balloons that floated 20 feet above the sand. Beach fire pits also lit up the party, inviting guests to sit back, take in the ambiance and roast marshmallows for homemade s’mores.

WCG provided a welcome break from the fast-paced convention atmosphere, bringing guests on vacation at an amazing seaside destination — and a memorable evening, indeed.